Nano Filtration Plant

We are leading name in providing a range of Nano Filtration Plant, which are used for efficient purification and treatment of water. The plant is specifically employed in industries like the iron and metal industry and paper mills for partial softening and reduction of color and humus from surface water. Moreover, our plants are highly appreciated for providing optimum separation and removing cysts, bacteria and viruses, with the help of pressure-driven separation process. We offer our service at highly competitive price.

Aquashakti offers a broad range of nanofiltration plants that are extensively used for treatment of drinking water and industrial process water. Moreover, our plants are highly preferred by our clients for effective reduction of sulphate, chloride, and fluoride and partial softening without use of regeneration chemicals of drinking water.


Nanofiltration is a membrane technology, these technologically advanced plants are developed with permeable membranes to separate different fluids and ions from water. Further, this nanofiltration is very mush similar to reverse osmosis in its operation and structure. Reverse osmosis is typically used for demineralization of water, nanofiltration, on the other hand, is applied in order to reduce unwanted components in full or in part. Unlike reverse osmosis, nanofiltration applies a lower pressure, typically under seven bar, resulting in lower energy consumption compared with a reverse osmosis plant with the same productivity.


  • Ideal for softening as well as reduction of color
  • Excellent separation capacity of bacteria, cysts, and viruses
  • Chloride, sulphate, and fluoride reduction in no time
  • Low energy consumption
  • Eradication of humus from surface water
  • Outstanding pressure-driven parting process
  • No regeneration chemicals

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