Effluent Treatment Plant – The Process

Effluent treatment plant manufacturers and suppliers should be ready to install the complete setup process. Trade effluent is nothing but the wastewater that is the by-product of any kind of industrial process. The basic process comprises the trade effluent being passed through a screen chamber for removal of floating materials at first and then making it flow to the oil and fat removal tank. From this tank, the effluent is then passed onto the collection and equalization tank, where it gets mixed with air through coarse air diffusers.

The anaerobic part : From the collection and equalization tank, the effluent is passed through the anaerobic filter, which reduces the BOD level drastically.

The aerobic part : Next it passes through the Airbio Reactor, where the bacteria oxidize the organic matter to carbon dioxide and water by the aeration principle.

There are some other tertiary processes for treatment of effluent, which helps in treating waste water and recycling them.

Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer

As one of the best effluent treatment plant manufacturers, we employ the best and the advanced technologies. Removal of sludge and other critical substances till the last stage of getting quality treated water, everything is done with efficiency at our plants. We boast of our presence in maximum number of states and are known for 24/7 customer support. We also offer zero liquid discharge system to help in getting rid of the effluent water. Our expert team of plant manufacturers, look after plant design, effluent requirements, energy, availability of land, labour and other disposal costs.

Features of Effluent Treatment Plant

  • Water source: Effluent from the industries
  • Treatment stages: Primary, secondary and tertiary
  • Installation type: Containerized plug and play
  • Automation Grade: Automatic and semi-automatic.
  • Capacity: 1 KLD TO 1 MLD
  • Technique of treatment: Fluidized Aerated reactor, MBBR Technology  , MBR Technology


  • Type: Effluent Treatment Plant or ETP
  • Material: STEEL
  • Voltage: Use Steam

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